Why do racial disparities in school discipline exist?

Check out our latest research brief from the Achieving Racial Equity in School Disciplinary Policies and Practices study team.

This brief is part of larger regional study of racial equity in discipline policies and practices
conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University’s Metropolitan Educational Research
Consortium (MERC). The goal of the broader project is to: (1) analyze racial disproportionality
in discipline across the Richmond area, (2) explore various interventions designed to ameliorate disproportionality, and (3) provide recommendations that inform policymaking and practice in the Richmond region. This is the first of two research briefs on racially inequitable school discipline. The subsequent brief will examine the history and theory of action behind different discipline models or interventions, as well as evidence of their impact on racial
disproportionality. At the end of this brief, five of the key research studies on this topic are

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