Using Social Emotional Data for School Improvement

Using Social Emotional Data for School Improvement:  A Case Study of Goochland County’s Use of the Gallup Student Poll

by:  David Naff, M.A. and Jesse Senechal, Ph.D. (September 2015)

This case study presents a profile of a school division, Goochland County Public Schools in Virginia, that has not only recognized the value of measuring student social emotional development, but has become a regional leader in the effective use of student social emotional measures for guiding practice as well as broader school improvement processes.  The case study, which focuses on Goochland County’s use of data from the Gallup Student Poll (GSP) over the past several years, is based on a series of interviews with principals and school leaders conducted during the spring of 2015.  The case study includes an overview of the GSP, information about the initiation of the GSP in Goochland county,and then explores how this survey has impacted the county’s work with students, how it has supported their 2014-2020 strategic plan, and what future directions they see for use of this data.  The purpose of this case study is to share Goochland’s story as a way of exploring how social emotional measures can be used in meaningful ways to impact educational processes and ultimately student learning and success.

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