Since 1991, MERC has produced several research reports a year addressing critical issues in PK12 education. These include empirical studies and literature reviews. Below is a list of recent reports.  For a complete list, please refer to VCU Scholar’s Compass.

An Examination of Project Based Learning at the Secondary Level by Candace Mirabile, PhD (Fall 2013) Project based learning (PBL) is a pedagogical approach designed to capture student interest by integrating a contemporary and relevant problem or issue with content standards.... Read more

A Review of Literature on Teaching Evaluation Martin Reardon, Ph.D. (Spring 2013) This review of the literature on teacher evaluation was developed at the invitation of the MERC Policy and Planning Council in context of the current focus on teacher evaluation in Virginia.... Read more

Online Learning in Virginia:  Exploring the Landscape Jonathan D. Becker, J.D., PhD, Jesse Senechal, Charol Shakeshaft (2013) Department of Educational Leadership As online learning in the K‐12 realm grows, so does the body of literature around it. Books, guidance... Read more

Percentile Growth Modeling:  A Policy Response to Educational Accountability by R. Martin Reardon (November 2011) In the following, I will commence by briefly considering the policy context from which the discussion of rewards and performance has emerged.  I then touch on... Read more

Encouraging Self-Regulated Learning in the Classroom:  A Review of Literature by Sharon Zumbrunn, Joseph Tadlock, Elizabeth Danielle Roberts (October 2011). Self-regulated learning (SLR) is recognized as an important predictor of student academic motivation and achievement.... Read more

Teacher Evaluation:  Artifacts that Document How the Work of the Teacher Results in Student Academic Progress by Heather Bumgarner and Kristina Anythony (September 2011) Developed by the Virginia Department of Education, the Virginia Standards for the Professional... Read more

Indicators, Trends, and Promising Interventions in Dropout Prevention:  A Review of Literature by Donna J. Dockery, Risha Berrt (September 2010) The focus of this review of literature is dropout prevention and promoting retention of students at the secondary level.  Brief... Read more

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