Since 1991, MERC has produced several research reports a year addressing critical issues in PK12 education. These include empirical studies and literature reviews. Below is a list of recent reports.  For a complete list, please refer to VCU Scholar’s Compass.

The Policy and Planning Council of MERC commissioned the Understanding Teacher Morale study in the Fall of 2014 to address concerns about teacher job satisfaction and morale in the region. This study involved a multi-case study of 44 teachers across three... Read more

An Examination of the Nature of Post Observation Feedback Provided to Middle School Mathematics Teachers by Christine Trinter and Heather Carlson-Jaquez (May 2016) Many studies have examined teacher evaluation but few address the discipline expertise of evaluators and the... Read more

Response to Intervention to Educate the Diverse Needs of Elementary Students:  A Research Report by Dr. Valerie Robnolt, Amy Hutton, M.F.A, and Dr. James McMillan (November 2015) With the reauthorization of the Individual with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (U.S.... Read more

Academic Rigor for All:  A Research Report by Dr. Gabriel A. Reich, Dr. Volkan Sevim, Amanda B. Turner (Spring 2015) Rigor can be defined in any number of ways.  We found an imbalance between the ways in chich rigor has been defined by the Virginia Department of Education,... Read more

Opportunities to Personalize Teacher Learning:  Innovative Approaches to Bridge Evaluation and Professional Development for Continuous Improvement by Laura Kassner, Ed.D., Educational Consultant (December 2014). The following seven innovative approaches to personalize... Read more

Formative Assessment Practices with Benchmark Testing:  Phase 1 & 2 Phase 1:  by Lisa Abrams, PhD, Angela P. Wetzel, and James McMillan, PhD (July 2010) Phase 2:  by Lisa Abrams, PhD, Divya Varier, MERC Research Assistant, and James McMillan, PhD (2012) As School... Read more

A Review of Literature:  Mix It Up With Blended Learning in K-12 Schools by Laura Kassner, Ed.D., Educational Consultant (Fall 2013) The term "blended Learning" represents a wide spectrum of delivery options tools, ad pedagogies, but conceptually refers to instruction that... Read more

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