Episode 6: Virginia College Access

Episode 6: College Access

This episode of abstract features a roundtable discussion with Amy Corning and Kate Daly from the MERC Virginia College Access Resource Study, as well as Paula Robinson from the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia (SHEV) and Bettsy Heggie from the Great Aspirations Scholarship Program (GRASP). We discussed the importance of higher education, the availability access providers in Region One of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and where the current areas of need are. The MERC study, commissioned by SCHEV, was made possible through funding by Virginia 529.

You can read and download a full transcript of episode 6 here!

The College Access research brief featured in this study will be available on our website soon. Stay tuned!


This episode featured the perspectives of three local school administrators who serve on the study team, as well as the two co-principal investigators of the study.

Kate Daly, Workforce Education Specialist, Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center
Amy Corning, Assistant Professor of Education, Virginia Commonwealth University, Principal Investigator on the study
Paula Robinson, Assistant Director of College Access and PK12 Outreach for the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV)
Bettsy Heggie, Chief Executive Officer, Great Aspirations Scholarship Program (GRASP)
David NaffHost and Assistant Director of Research and Evaluation, Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium at Virginia Commonwealth University


You can go straight to the stuff that interests you the most by clicking on one of the chapters below (although we think the whole thing is pretty interesting!)

Chapter 1: This report made possible by Virginia 529
Chapter 2: This is basically TSA
Chapter 3: Introduction
Chapter 4: What are the benefits of postsecondary education?
Chapter 5: What is a college access provider? 
Chapter 6: What does GRASP do?
Chapter 7: Why was this study commissioned by SCHEV?
Chapter 8: How did you conduct this College Access study?
Chapter 9: What students are in potential need of college access support?
Chapter 10: What are the opportunities for increasing college access in region one?
Chapter 11: Closing thoughts



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