Episode 5: Cultural Diversity Professional Development for Teachers

Episode 5: Cultural Diversity Professional Development for Teachers

This episode of Abstract features a roundtable discussion with members of our Cultural Diversity Professional Development for Teachers study team. The conversation focused on the importance of promoting culturally-responsive teaching, how professional development can help with that effort, and what directions this study may take. We had a great discussion about the opportunity that increasing diversity in our schools presents for educators.

You can read and download a full transcript of episode 5 here!


This episode featured the perspectives of three local school administrators who serve on the study team, as well as the two co-principal investigators of the study.

Laura FaulconAssistant Principal, James River High School – Chesterfield County Public Schools
Jaime StacyAssistant Principal, John Rolfe Middle School Henrico County Public Schools
Travis RidleyPrincipal, North Elementary School – Colonial Heights Public Schools
Julie Gorlewski, Co-Principal Investigator, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning – Virginia Commonwealth University
Jesse SenechalCo-Principal Investigator, Interim Director of the Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium – Virginia Commonwealth University
David NaffHost and PhD Candidate, Educational Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University


You can go straight to the stuff that interests you the most by clicking on one of the chapters below (although we think the whole thing is pretty interesting!)

Chapter 1: Is appendicize a word?
Chapter 2: Introduction
Chapter 3: How did this study get started?
Chapter 4: How do we define “cultural diversity?”
Chapter 5: How do increases in cultural diversity impact schools?
Chapter 6: What are the opportunities with increased cultural diversity in schools?
Chapter 7: What types of professional development focused on cultural diversity are currently occurring in schools?
Chapter 8: How can I design professional development on cultural diversity that is relevant to the needs of my school?
Chapter 9: What research questions are emerging for this study?
Chapter 10: What are the next steps for this study?
Chapter 11: Closing statements

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